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The key direction of our activity is turning, milling, development and manufacture of molds, large-scale parts production, as well as non-standard parts production according to individual customer drawings.
Фрезерные работы


The Standart Trade Company produces all types of milling services using the most modern equipment. Our specialists can perform any milling metal works. And the price will satisfy both private and wholesale customers.
Токарные работы


The Standard Trade Company offers to its customers the services of turning. All works are performed by the highly qualified personnel with the use of the most modern equipment.

Изготовление пресс-форм

Molds Manufacture

The Standart Trade Company produces molds for casting the products made of plastics, rubber, aluminum and magnesium alloys of different complexity. We design and manufacture molds for blow molding plastic bottles and produce punching and bending dies.
Гальванические работы

Galvanic Services

The Standart Trade Company provides a wide range of galvanic services. Galvanic production allows to carry out services of making protective coatings applications to the parts and metal structures of different shapes and sizes.
Металообработка, Standart Trade

Other Services

• all types of polishing; • heat treatment of parts; • electro erosion treatment; • various types of gear processing; • guillotine up to 30mm; • sheet metal bending; • cutting metals using the band saw (up to D400mm); • welding; • stamping the parts; • hydro abrasive cutting, plasma-cutting and laser-cutting of metals.
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